Congrats to "My Sweetie" Valentine Contest

Gearheart RADIO would like to Congratulate Jacqualyn Boyd...WINNER of our "My Sweetie" Valentine Promotion! We would like to also thank ALL 183 entries...WOW! Keep logging in to our Facebook Page for upcoming promotions and give-a-ways RIGHT HERE with Gearheart RADIO, WIFX 94.3 FM, WXLR 104.9 FM and WXKZ 105.3 FM!


My sweetie is the sweetest because of everything he has done to make me become a better person. Not only has he stepped up and became a father to my first child, but he became a father to our second child and showed me what a family really is. He has guided me back to Christ and showed me the right way to live, following that we got married because we didn't want to live in sin anymore. He makes my days brighter even when the forecast is as rainy as can be. He's there for me after a long day when I have no one else to talk to or when I just need a shoulder to lean on. When the girls get hurt or fall he's there to pick them up. my sweetie is the sweetest because he gives the greatest love of all. I have really never met someone like him. Someone so passionate and caring. God has truly blessed me with an Angel.