Do you have a son or daughter who plays sports, graduating soon or participating in local events? Purchase a copy of the event as a digital keepsake of this precious event. Over the years, WPRG channel 5 has recorded and archived thousands of basketball and football games; high-school graduations, community events and festivals. Don't limit your choices to the "now", remember we may have you in that championship game making the winning shot, or your own graduation tape archived as well. Own your copy of any local event that WPRG Channel 5 covers. Local sporting events, meetings or public events.

DVD copies for only $20.00 per event.

*We accept credit cards. DVD copy must be paid for Check and/or Credit Card in advance of burning your copy. If you are paying by Credit Card, please call our office at 1.606.478.4200; Or paying by check, please mail to: G Media, P.O. Box 160, Harold, Kentucky 4163

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