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Gearheart RADIO offers our listeners some of the brightest and creative talent on radio today...if you hadn't already...go the Foxy & Friends weekday mornings and check them out


Tiffany Meade

foxy and friends radio personality


The mama bear of the bunch,, shes a gloried babysitter spending her days trying to keep Kasey and joe in line.  Active member of the "hornets nest".  Always Dressed to the nines but don't let that fool you,,, she's got some bite to go with that bark


Eli Griffith

foxy & friends radio personality


Elijah Griffith is 20 years old and works as a videographer/broadcaster for Gearheart Media. He was born in Tazewell, Virginia, and grew up in Hawkinsville, Georgia, and currently lives in Phelps, Kentucky. He's a audio engineer, music producer/artist, photographer, videographer, owner of Freaking Awesome Media Entertainment, and the list goes on. He loves his job at Gearheart Communications and hopes to spend many years here. He thanks them for the opportunity to work for the company, and promises to do the best he can to help push it towards the bright future in which it's heading.

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